What Makes Australian Shepherd Poodle The Choice Among Mixed Breeds?

When looking for you’re mixed breed dog with a combination of personality and intelligence as an addition to your family, you will be surprised to note that most of them come from a poodle. What is in a poodle DNA that makes them desirable? For the best part, poodles are versatile. They not only come in varied sizes but are hypoallergenic, playful and friendly.

Now mix these qualities with that of an Australian Shepherd, then you will have a hard working breed to add to its impressive features. This is known as the aussiepoo or aussie doodle. Determine if this is right for you and read more or just continue below:

Stepping back on the history of the parent dogs

The Australian Shepherd can be traced up from its 1840 origin though the exact beginning is not known. They could be developed from Collie and Shepherd dogs. One thing is for sure, they were then trained to produce a hard working dog which is both intelligent and versatile.

The Poodle on the other hand originated from Germany but was developed in France as a bred for game and birds water retriever. Theories of the beginning of the poodle’s ancestor are from Iberia in the form of the Barbet of the North African.


The size of aussie doodle mostly follows the poodle ancestry with sizes from Standard to Miniature to a toy size. Color combination is very varied and there is no specific pattern and shades.

Well Rounded Character

The after breed is known to be energetic, playful, loyal, sweet natured, gentle and patient. Add to that intelligence and the nature of a pleaser makes them easily trainable in obedience, sports and agility.


There is a potential health risk of the Aussiedoodle to inherit the common health problems of its parents but it was noted that many have never develop any of these issues. While both the Australia Shepherd and the Poodles are generally considered among the healthy breeds.

If you do choose to share a life with one, you can expect having a walking buddy for 10 years at the very least.


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